- Новинки mp3 - Caleb Gordon, Alano Adan - Rocky Road Pt. 2

Caleb Gordon, Alano Adan - Rocky Road Pt. 2

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  • Длительность: 02:03
  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Дата релиза: 26.03.2023
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Текст песни

It's a beat, we gon' eat, I'll slide

In the booth we got forks and knives

I'ma eden it my Lord in the skies

And He knew way before my design

Way before I would fold over pride

Take a picture, you'll see the disguise

Ain't no fiction, the truth in the eyes

Promise said that the land was mine, I had to go get it

I saw me a giant, I had to go slay it

Like David, Goliath, I had to repay him

He sent me new lines, I had to relay 'em

Forgot all my-, I gotta resay 'em

The Father of time, the mastery Maker

The Optimus Prime, the Alpha Omega

The Master of minds, the galaxy shaker

The One up above, biggest creator

Bright light, flashing

Fresh out the tomb like I'm Lazurus

Hop on the beat, now I'm spazzing

Got 'em in shock, like anaphylactic, ayy

They want a party, I'm crashing

When I pull up my lil' shawty like, "That's him", ayy

Linked with this source, I'm tapped in